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Little Miss Peggy and MK … alla … Mira Korber

What a great season spread over two months with Mira Korber and her “ Sass the Flash” … “Little Miss Peggy” In Ocala Florida.

Just love the willingness, determination, belief and gutsyness of these two … some thing that should resonate with many riders. No matter the competition or the challenge … just striving and believing is what it takes!

Well done you guys so proud of the both of you!

HITS Ocala Winter Festival

11th place - $2,500 Low AO Classic

HITS Ocala Winter Finals

6th place - $2,500 Low AO Classic

2nd place - $750 1.25 AO Class

HITS Ocala Winter Celebration

6th place - $2,500 Low AO Classic

1st place - $750 1.25 AO Class

Low AO Reserve Champion

Ocala Spring Classic II

1st place - 1.15 training jumper

3rd place - $5,000 1.25 Open Jumper Classic

Ocala Spring Classic III

2nd place - $750 1.20 open jumper

1st place - $5,000 1.25 Open Jumper Classic

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