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Meet Kg and Ice Pop

(aka Kenya Greenburg and Orion’s Isis) If you weren’t into riding horses and into Show Jumping you may not have heard of them until this last year, 2013. 

The Greenburg family - Mike, Nikki and children, Kenya and DJ moved from Canada to Nashville winter of 2011 with no real home or barn! The Greenburg Gang, complete with five horses and two dogs finally arrived on trainer, Roger Van Doorene’s doorstep after a long cross country trek on a cold winters night at 11pm, being directed into Franklin by Little Hollywood’s finest! 

...  and as horse people know ... it was all about the riding! Before house and a farm, training started during Nashville’s cold and wet winter! 

In May 2012  at the Nashville Country Horse Show, KG and IP placed 1st in the Training Jumpers Division and another 1st in the Nashville Classic a week later. They enjoyed many blue ribbons and Division Championships during that Summer ... In September 2012 they continued their climb up the levels and had another win, this time in the Children’s Jumper Division ... and in May 2013  placed 2nd in the $10,000.00 Washington/ Child’s Classic ...  and so Kenya’s and Ice Pop’s debut in Children’s Showjumping started. With wins and high placings in the Horse Shows by the Bay series, Traders Point, Nashville and Kentucky in 2013 ... Kenya and Ice Pop managed to qualify for and be included in the top 30 invited USA Children’s combinations to compete in Washington International in Oct of 2013.

Go Kenya  ... Go Ice Pop!

Kenya, we all wish you both the  “Best of Good Luck” in Washington 2013.  From all of us at Van Doren Show Jumping, our friends in SA and the USA ... may Ice Pop fly and you ride like a SuperStar!!  

One awesome “two year” run you guys  …   through tons of hard work and much dedication! 

So Proud of You!

Huge kudos to Mike and Nikki Greenburg ... without your support, belief and enthusiasm we would have never got there!

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